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Signing a will is not for you but for your beloved. Without a will, your family will encounter more difficulties, spend more time and more money! The additional fees incurred to carry out the settlement of the estate often exceed the cost of a will! In other words, preparing a will will save you money down the line!

Preparing a will means a lot of different documents and a lot of complicated information …. WRONG! One of the most common statements I hear at my office following the signing of a will is: “if I only knew how simple it was, I would have done it much earlier!”

I try to make the entire process SMOOTH and SIMPLE for you: We’ll need two appointments together:

  • First appointment: It is a preliminary appointment. Nothing will be signed or decided on that first meeting. This appointment allows me to go in detail about how the will works. I will ask you questions but this is also an opportunity for you to ask me anything and to talk about your personal circumstances.

    All information exchanged with a Notary is confidential. It will stay within the four walls of my office!
    During this first appointment, we will start the reflection together: I do not expect you to come prepared or to be able to answer all my questions on the spot. It is common for people not to be able to answer some of the questions right away. After our meeting, I send you a written recap in order to help you answer the remaining questions. You can then take all the time you need to reflect on the questions. When you’re ready and get back to me with the answers, we’ll schedule our second appointment.Following this first appointment, I will give you a written recap of our meeting confirming all the information you’ve given me and the answers that are still to be answered. This recap allows you to focus only on our conversation exchange rather than taking notes for yourself!After receiving the recap, you can take all the time you need to complete the missing information. When you are ready, you simply have to send me the information via e-mail or by phone. 

Average length of the first appointment: 60 minutes

  • Second appointment: When all required information has been provided I’ll be able to draft your will and schedule our second appointment. Usually, this second appointment takes place 2/4 weeks after our first meeting. It all depends on how much time you need to answer all my questions – once again, you can take all time you need, there will never be a rush on my side!During this second appointment, I will read the will with you, clause by clause, and will confirm that all your wishes are properly included. I will also make sure that you understand the standard clauses that are commonly found in wills. Once the will is read, you will sign the will in the presence of a witness. The will is then immediately valid!The last step is for me to register your will and mail you your certified copy!

Average length of the second appointment: 30 minutes

“Checklist” – what to prepare for the first appointment:

  • 2 pieces of photo ID’s;
  • Your social assurance number;
  • A $100 cash deposit;

That’s it! Nothing else is needed to get your will signed – It’s that simple!

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